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Hvernig á að borga inná NEPTUN?


Dear Student,

we would like to inform you that the fee and payment for retake exam changed as follows.

– 1st exam from the same subject: FREE

– 2nd exam from the same subject: FREE

– 3rd and every other exam from the same subject REGARDLESS THE NUMBER OF SUBJECT REGISTRATION: 2000 HUF
If you have already used at least 2 exams from the same subject in the previous semester(s), in this semester you have to pay for the 1st exam.
You can check the number of your exam registration from a particular subject in NEPTUN: Exams / Taken exams; Filters: (Term: “All terms”); Put the “Subject” in alphabetical order!

– Improving a successful exam: 2000 HUF (Even if it is the 2nd exam!)


You have to pay the repeated/improving exam fee via NEPTUN in advance before the exam registration.


You should place money to Neptun account at least 3 working days in advance as it takes time to process your payment and credit to your student account. Placing money to your Neptun account does not mean you made the necessary payments! (We highly recommend to put 5.000-10.000 HUF to your account.)

If you wish to sign up for your exams right from the start of the exam registration, you have to arrange the necessary payment on time before the NEPTUN’s opening.

Registrar’s Office


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